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A Walk in a Park: Woodford to Glenbrook on the Oaks Fire Trail

                  28 July 2017

I walked from Woodford to Glenbrook on the Oaks Fire Trail to experience the contrast between walking on roads meant for cars or walking a trail in a park used by mountain bike riders and occasional bush walkers. I was very concerned about bushwalking alone and the time it would take me to get to Glenbrook consequently I used my ‘point and shoot’ camera, a Canon IXUS, and kept a close eye on the time. I was distinctly aware of the various forms of Infrastructure on this walk. There is an unpaved road, white posts at regular intervals and signage pointing to places of interest. I found all of this deeply reassuring, as I didn’t want to get lost in the Blue Mountains. I was also very aware how lovely it was to be away from the grinding, relentless noise of traffic.

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