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Intersection Waltz

The high angle of the camera is a literal expression of the panoptic perspective of urban planners. The lived, improvisational and real systems of those living in and using the systems of control (street lights, white lines demarcating corridors of movement, time prescribed for movement) are clearly articulated in the slowed footage of the pedestrians. The waltz allows the pedestrians to dance across the intersection highlighting the unconscious and ‘poetic gestures’ of the 'Wandersmänner.' Shostakovich’s upbeat Jazz Waltz provides the perfect counterpoint to the surveillance perspective of the camera and expresses the ‘sunny’ personality of Sydney.

Video with music by: Shostakovich, Dmitri. Jazz Suite No.2: 6. Waltz II, “The Jazz Album,” Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Peter Masseurs, Riccardo Chailly, Ronald Brautigam, ℗Decca Music Group Limited, 1993. (3:39 mins, looped) 2016

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