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No Trespassing: the art and politics of walking in New South Wales

       This is a process-based art project in which I walked the roads, highways and footpaths between Sydney and Bathurst, New South Wales in a series of eleven walks. The title highlights my sense of trespassing into lands, stories and histories despite my practice of walking in public places and pedestrian zones, e.g. footpaths, the shoulder of the road, tracks and narratives published for general access. I walked to find answers to my questions about what it is to be a Walking Artist and the nature of Walking Art.

              The book is now available for purchase. $ 59.99 AUD, shipping included.

              Please email me at to order your copy.

I want to acknowledge and pay my respects to the Traditional Owners and Custodians, past and present, of the lands on which I walk, on which I trespass.

Penrith to Woodford 3.jpg
No Trespassing! The Book.JPG

I carry a Nikon DSLR 7100, small notebook and pen for recording my experiences and a supply of water and food for the duration of the walk. I post photographs on Instagram as an ironic gesture of social connection. I juggle time, distance, picture taking and the weight of my pack and at the end of each walk I plan my next one using what I learn on the road as a guide.

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