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Walking is the oldest, most humane and most democratic form of transportation and is an activity that is encouraged as a way of improving physical and mental health yet few people in Australia walk more than three kilometers per day. We are habituated to privilege the car consequently walking is often difficult, unsafe and distinctly unpleasant because of the pollution, constant noise and threats posed by motorized traffic. I know from my experiences of walking and driving that the former offers very different and experiential forms of freedom, independence and interaction with the world than is possible when confined to the interior of an automobile. It is my hope that my walks, pictures and musings might inspire others to walk more and demand more walkability in our cities, suburbs and regional areas.

Walking and Art



Navigation is a four part curatorial series to be held at Articulate, Sydney, from June to September 2018. It draws together female artists and writers whose work explores the navigation of urban space. Approaches include the articulation of space with the body, walking and mapping projects, explorations of way-finding and navigational aids, and interrogation of the divide between public and private space. The series as a whole shows the way navigation and movement not only explores but also defines space, physical and metaphorical, personal and public.

Exhibiting artists: Vanessa Berry, Rebecca Gallo, Caitlin Hespe, Judy Marsh, Sara Morawetz, Mollie Rice, Ebony Secombe, Margaret Seymour, Molly Wagner

Writers: Gabby Chantiri, Angela Garrick, Nadia Odlum, Sasanki Tennakoon

Curator: Nadia Odlum

From Here to There: Australian Art and Walking
7 July - 26 August 2018
Lismore Regional Gallery

From Here to There: Australian art and walking presents the work of leading Australian artists who use the everyday act of walking in their art. Curated by Northern Rivers-based curators, Sharne Wolff and Jane Denison, the exhibition features work by Nell, Lauren Brincat, Dean Brown, Daniel Crooks, Nici Cumpston, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Alex Karaconji, Noel McKenna, Sarah Mosca, Liam O’Brien, Sarah Rodigari and Rebecca Gallo. The latter two artists will participate in residencies at Linnaeus Estate and Lismore Regional Gallery respectively.

WalkingLab: WalkingLab...archives the networked activities generated through the grant, hosts a series of online residencies and blogs on the theme of walking, commissions a series of artists’ projects that interrogate what it means to move, and acts as a hub that connects researchers, educators, and the public through additional resources and pedagogical tools.

Museum of Walking

The Museum of Walking (MoW) is an artist led educational resource center committed to the advancement of walking as an art practice. MoW houses a small-but-mighty archive and library comprised of walking related material engaging disciplines of art, science, philosophy, health, activism, contemplation and cartography. Through workshops, exhibitions, guest speakers, and site-specific projects MoW fosters relationships between people, land, action, and site. The Museum of Walking was founded in 2014 in 120 square foot space. As an itinerant museum we now reside in numerous places. 




Walk21Walk21 is the international charity dedicated to supporting and promoting more walking to help make walking an enjoyable part of daily transport, recreation and health through effective policies, programmes and planning all over the world.


City of Sydney's Walking Strategies

Our first walking strategy will see Sydney become a more accessible, attractive and safer city to explore on foot. The walking strategy and action plan prioritises key actions to support people of all ages to walk more, while boosting the local economy and the health of Sydneysiders. It is designed to make walking quicker, more convenient, inviting and easy.


Australian Walking and Cycling Conference: The simple acts of walking and cycling have the potential to transform the places we live, our economies and how we engage with our environment. The Australian Walking and Cycling conference explores the potential for walking and cycling to not only provide for transport and recreation but solutions to challenges of liveability, health, community building, economic development and sustainability. 

America WalksAmerica Walks is committed to mobilising individuals, organisations and businesses to increase walking and walkability in America.  Walkable communities help to promote physically, mentally and economically healthy neighbourhoods, with studies consistently finding benefits to increasing walkability in all types and sizes of cities. [Anyone interested in making Australia Walks?]