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Postcards from Home 

[Display carousel, 170 x 43 cms each side, 640 postcards 10.5 x 14.8 cms, money box, the 'shadow cards' on the wall is Margaret Roberts' artwork Test 2018, black vinyl tape and location. Installation at Articulate Project Space. See]


The postcards are made from photographs I took while visiting different cities in the USA in October 2018. Postcards are a conventional photographic means of communication for tourists and creating these cards highlighted my status as a tourist in my country of origin. The subject matter of the postcards is the places and things that caught my eye as I walked. The use of the display carousel, most commonly used in retail venues, is a reminder that art is a commodity and galleries are places where money is exchanged.


2)Postcards from Home
3)Postcards from Home
1)Postcards from Home
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