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6'T+ (Six Foot Track Plus)

A walk from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves with Rachel

                     30 March-2 April 2018

The use of 6’T in the title referenced the markers along the track and the Plus (+) was personal and geographical. It was the longest walk of No Trespassing! to date, my daughter Rachel walked with me and on the second day we walked north of the Six-Foot track on Megalong Road to Peach Tree Road in an attempt to walk west to Bathurst. Our path west was inhibited by fencing, private property, concerns about suitable places to camp and where to obtain fresh water. Consequently, we returned to the safety of the prescribed walking track. Our four-day adventure was on walking tracks, the historic ‘six-foot’ wide cart track, contemporary roads and private property (with permission from the owner). Rachel and I were pedestrians, bushwalkers, trespassers and walking artists.

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