Artist Statement

        I am intrigued by the artistic, sensory, speculative and critical potential the physical activity of walking brings to art. I use a variety of media to evoke the complex interactions and relationships that are intrinsic to walking. Walking crosses paths with numerous disciplines and allows me to express my diverse interests that include art, literature, philosophy, theology, and the dramatic arts.

        I am an ‘unintentional migrant’ to Australia. I left the USA in 1988 for an anticipated five-year residence in this country and continue to live here. Despite having two passports I experience a chronic sense of transience and impermanence; I am not at home in either country. Walking as an artist gives me a way to explore and express these themes.

        From 2013-16 I returned to the academic sphere to complete a BFA at the National Art School and Honours at UNSW School of Art and Design in Sydney. This experience enriched my arts practice with new studio skills, deepened my conceptual thinking about art, extended my research skills and introduced me to Walking Art. I work as an independent artist and support my art practice by teaching in a local high school. I have a lifelong commitment to the arts and many years of working as an artist in a variety of media.

  • Molly Wagner

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