18 September 2016, 5:34 a.m.

(Video with sound, 5:00 mins., looped, Includes sound from ‘The Voice of Our Earth,’ NASA Space Recordings of Earth.)

Commissioned by ArtCycle for a ‘Mystery Ride’ in Sydney Park, Sydney Rides Festival, 2016

18 September 2017, 5:23 a.m., another walk in Sydney Park

(Video with sound, 5:00mins., looped.)

The images of this video are formalist in style made using a stationary camera. The sound is a mix of the ambient noises in Sydney Park as it wakes up and sounds of Earth from space recorded by NASA. I layered what can be seen and heard with what is unseen and unheard in our surroundings, making use of the enhanced visual and audio capabilities afforded by digital technology.

I returned to the same location a year later to film sunrise in Sydney Park. I maintained the same formal structure in my filming and editing techniques. I used only the ambient noise recorded while filming at the park.